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Games That Play Us

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I think this is one of those photos that speaks for itself...ETA: Niffler posted the link to the source of this photo (or one of them anyway) so here it is: snopes.com


it's a miracle, i tell you! Latest installment on the Australian women's rowing saga is here; one crew member said she wouldn't row with Robbins again, while others still call for an apology.Does anyone actually think this guy won't be put to death if the trial goes ahead?Now for the miracle... my application for extension of stay/status in the USA has been APPROVED! Maybe there really is a God! It arrived today in the mail, just 10 days before I was set to break the rules by leaving the country with an application pending. You hear all these stories about how unreasonable and over-zealous the INS is being after Sept 11th, that I expected the worst and thought there was no way that a) the application would be processed in time (just under 2 months) and b) that it would be approved after we submitted it late. I guess it's lucky I'm a white girl from Australia! ;)


Well.. what do you think?I nabbed a design template from here and then found I had to fix a couple of coding errors as well as tweak it for my own liking. It was a considerably larger project than I had imagined! But when you're sick, I guess you have the time.Yup, I'm sick.. as ... a ... dog (thanks Dr. Evil). I'm feeling slightly better than yesterday though. I'm off volunteering tomorrow and I'm thankful it's a fairly low-energy-output job. I might also finally do some exercise as well as get back to my normal frantic rate of blogging ;) (Actually those bits I don't miss so much... teehee)I plan on posting about FIJI sometime soon. There are SEVEN DAYS until I meet some of my best friends on a Pacific paradise to celebrate the 18th and I can't wait! I've been having dreams almost every night; last night I dreamt that Wisey and I were at university together (though it more resembled Year 12... and no, we're not going to the same uni next year) and we were studying Veterinarian Science (nope, we're not going to be vets either). I laugh most mornings when I wake up :PBut enough rambling... I'm going to sit back and revel in the purrty purple lily.UPDATE: Something weird is going on here. Everytime I try to use the paragraph tag, it makes me sidebar disappear :( D'oh.

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